Andrew Liulko

Cinematographer, producer, director

I am Ukrainian filmmaker, based in Germany.
My main expertise is DP, but I am also developing as a director and producer.
I worked on projects from Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Morocco and USA.

Work Experience
Forbidden, Series (Development) - producer, idea creator [Ukraine/USA]
2024 Tomato, Big cake and Victory, Documentary (director Kate Tiuri, OKO DOCU Studio) - DOP, technical Support [Ukraine]
2023 About Kharkiv and its residents, Documentary (Mini Series, 4 episodes) - director, DOP [Ukraine]
2023 Good Earth, Feature Film - DOP (director Sameera Wakwella, Zoom Film Studio) [Sri Lanka]
2021 The Driver, Short Film - editor (director Mehdi Ayouche, Visa Prod) [Morocco]
2020 Not Now, Short Film - director, producer, writer [Ukraine]
My debut short film Not Now won a SlLVER REMI at one of the oldest film festivals in the world, one of the best film festivals in the United States, where SPIELBERG, LUCAS, ANG LEE, THE COEN BROTHERS, RIDLEY SCOTT, JOHN LEE HANCOCK, BRIAN DE PALMA, DAVID LYNCH received their first awards.
Forbidden, Series/Film (Development)
The post-apocalyptic drama Forbidden is under active development with partners from the United States with Hollywood experience. There are both versions of the implementation: as a film trilogy and as a series. We are on the way to create a high-quality proof-of-concept in the format of a short film.
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