DOP, Film Director
Andrew Liulko
Personality details
Age: 33 y.o
Nationality: Ukraine
Languages: Ukraine, Russia, English

Phone: 0769464480 (LK), +380932755167 (UA)


Address: Sri Lanka, Galle, Richmond Hill.
Ukraine, Trostyanets, Sumy region.


Super power
  • Film Director with international awards.
  • DOP (music videos, commercials, films).
  • Working with cinematic light.
  • Gimbal, hand held, slider, dolly, jib.
  • Film crew management, post-production management.
  • Basic knowledge of screenwriting.
  • Editing in Premiere, Resolve.

  • Cinematography, raw food, dogs, Leica.

Career Objective
Feature films as a director, participation in class A film festivals, self-study, participation in art and creative projects, where I can use my vision as DOP, work with global brands and famous personalities.
Work Experience
  • DOP, VideoFood Production (5 years)
  • DOP, Film Director in Storybrand Production (3 years and now)
  • Director and Producer, short film "Not Now", 16 awards,
  • DOP, short film "Школа" with famous Ukrainian writer Sergii Zhadan
  • Cameraman, WW2 historical documentary film "На Днепровских рубежах"

Future projects 2021-2022
  • DOP, feature film "Холодный Звонок", Kiev, Ukraine
  • DOP, feature film "Ruby Button", Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • DOP, iFilm Sri Lanka Production, Colombo, Sri Lanka

  • Kharkiv National Aerospace University with a diploma in computer science.
  • Masterclass Pro-Svet, Moscow.
  • Shane Hurlbut's Masterclass, USA.